High integrity

cleaning and finishing solutions


Established in 1994, SPL have grown to become the UK’s leading provider of sub contract paint stripping and tooling decontamination services;

paint stripping | de-greasing | carbon removal | descaling
rust removal | decontamination services | refinishing

Our unique array of processes provide recovery routes for high integrity machined components including;

pressings body panels | assembliescastingsplastic mouldings

Our professional and reliable service is dedicated to helping customers meet manufacturing schedules.Every day we effectively clean;

paint-line jigs | press tools | plastic moulding equipment
heat exchangers | engine components | process equipment
and much more...

Any contaminant

Any substrate

Oil & Grease
Paints & Polymers
Organic Matter
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron

Professional, Proven processes to suit your needs

Whether we are cleaning paint from a simple paint line hook or an exotic conversion coating from a high value, safety critical, aerospace component, SPL have a wide array of processes designed to ensure optimum results. These processes have been developed over many years, cleaning parts to the very highest standard without risking damage to the integrity of the underlying substrate.Parts can then be coated with a range of finishes to ensure ongoing surface protection.If you need help in selecting the right process to meet your needs please contact us for some friendly advice and support.

Any size - from 10mm
to 10 metres

We work across all sectors, cleaning everything from tiny high integrity titanium screws for Aerospace, through to 10m long heat exchangers for the Petrochemical industry.

The science behind our high speed - deep cleaning solutions

Chemical Immersion

Surface Processing have developed a wide range of reliable Alkaline, Acid and pH neutral systems.

Thermal Pyrolysis

A closely controlled low oxygen thermal cleaning process (380 C to 450 C) ensures all organic contaminants are reduced to ash.

Media Blasting

We offer a range of blasting media from Plastic bead, garnet, aluminium oxide through to chilled Iron grit.

Ultrasonic Treatment

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent.

Classic vehicle solutions

 Removal of Paint, Rust and Underseal from over 4000 vehicles.

Our unique process is ideal for all areas of Car Restoration and Preparation. Whether you have a classic car which is being returned to its former glory or you need your car to be specially treated for race or rally use.


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  premium priority Treatment

At SPL we understand the pressures of deadlines and downtime and the need to turn around parts and process equipment quickly and reliably. We can implement and manage ongoing regular cleaning schedules for jigs and parts but occasionally things get very urgent and a good, reliable service may not be enough.

SPL can provide their SPeed Clean service where for a premium you can jump the queue and ensure that your parts or jigs go straight into process and are given the very highest priority treatment. In some instances this can mean your parts are ready within a few short hours.

Just pick up the phone and ask about our SPeed Clean service.

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