Classic car

and vehicle restoration

The SPL cleaning process
strips the paint, grease, sealants and filler from both inside and out and dissolves rust on contact.

The E-Coat Protection (electrophoretic paint) is the most advanced multi stage immersion paint process available. The resulting oven cured cross-linked epoxy coating is used by all automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Over 95% of the worlds new motor vehicles are coated in this way. It is fully compatible with all automotive approved refinishing paint systems.

We strip and protect the areas that other processes cannot reach! 

  • Over 4,000 vehicle shells treated to-date
  • Unique paint and rust removal process
  • No blasting, no stress, no mess
  • Advanced chemical technology and corrosion protection
  • Cleans and protects the areas that other processes cannot reach
  • Most advanced primer protection system available 
  • Having cleaned over 4000 car bodyshells SPL have revolutionised Classic Car restoration. We were the first company in Europe to offer full chemical immersion cleaning as an alternative to blasting, and the first to offer low volume Electrophoretic coating for an entire car bodyshell.

    Originally developed by SPL for the UK motorsport Industry, it is now the route of choice for many of the leading Car restoration and motorsport preparation companies throughout the UK and across the Europe.


    Not just full body shells -
    panels & components too.


    Aside from the shells, SPL are happy to process single parts or panels, through to full panel sets and engine components. Panels can be e-coated - the most advanced anti-corrosion, immersion painting process available.

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    "Singer arrived safely, many thanks for a great job"


    "I'm very pleased with the results of your process which laid a firm foundation for the restoration"

    "The car has been on the road for 2 years and has been used for car events within UK and France.

    It has given me a lot of pleasure and is well received by fellow car enthusiasts..."


    Trusted by the professionals - Ninemeister, independent Porsche specialists

    "It's attention to detail that makes the car worth more than the sum of its parts, and with SPL, it's a job well done..."

    Full Testimonial

    "She's looking really good!"

    "Thought I would send you a quick update on the Alfa you processed for me a few months back. All the Respray is finished and suspension and wheels are back on. She's looking really good!  I have had several interested people asking about the process..."

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