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Jensen Specialist

Since its inception and for the last forty years, Cropredy Bridge Garage has exclusively serviced, maintained, restored and sold Jensen cars, from the Interceptor range, 541s and C-V8s to Jensen-Healeys.

All-round Expertise

SPL’s cleaning and protection processes safeguard both cars and reputations: because it is the only mono-brand Jensen specialist on the market, Cropredy Bridge Garage relies only on the very best experts, like SLP, to contribute to their good name.

"SPL delivers the very basis upon which to build, refurbish and return any Jensen to its former glory,” says General Manager Gregg Alvarez, "We need to ensure results which will last over time. Our entire range of restoration and component manufacturing activities relies on SPL’s craftsmanship.”

International Demand

Cropredy Bridge Garage has a precious connection with iconic brand Jensen both in the UK and elsewhere in the world: the specialist’s comprehensive restoration and preparation skills are in demand from the UK, across Europe, the USA and Australia. "The chemical cleaning process carried out by SPL is the safest and most appreciated method,” says Alvarez. "We are in the most sophisticated and demanding of markets, therefore cannot afford to disappoint.”


As work carried out to the highest standards requires both in-house specialised personnel with decades of experience and top-drawer suppliers, "SPL is Cropredy’s choice,” adds Alvarez, "All the ground-up restoration projects carried out by Cropredy Bridge start with an SPL visit. SPL’s contribution is fundamental to fight rust and rust damage.” The specialist acknowledges that the SPL procedure may be labour-intensive and time-consuming, yet is the only acceptable route to the desired results.

"Given the premium carried by immaculate vehicles which have undergone thorough restoration, SPL’s processes add value to the owners’ investment, becoming an investment in its own right,” adds Alvarez.

A system to clean and protect

The SPL Chemical Immersion Cleaning process effectively removes paint, grease, oil, underseal, filler, anti-flutter, adhesives and the majority of all rust from panels, parts and complete bodyshells. With close to 3000 shells treated, it is widely accepted as the safe and trusted alternative to all types of media blasting. Once clean, SPL offers advanced corrosion protection in the form of electrophoretic coating (or e-coating) to prevent its return.

Interceptor Rot Spots

All original Interceptor parts are made of thick steel, which is a minimum of 1.6mm (outer panels are 20swg steel/0.9mm.). Gregg Alvarez says: "The infamous Interceptor side-members are the first area to check; because of their location (behind the outer sills) they can be time consuming to repair - removing the outer sills often exposes complete and terminal corrosion. Similarly, moisture gets trapped under the outer edges of the vinyl roof, and the edges of all body panels and the interior and boot floors are the common Interceptor corrosion trouble spots. All the ground-up restoration projects carried out by us, at Cropredy Bridge, start with an SPL visit.”

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