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Bringing Minis back to life

Recommended by the National and British Mini clubs, Derek’s Mini Centre has been restoring classic Minis since 1990. By using original parts or highquality reproduction components and drawing upon 40 years’ of Mini experience, Derek’s aim is to provide a restoration service that creates exceptional Minis that last.

Delivering restoration results

Many restorers rely on media blasting to remove rust but such abrasive methods can damage panels and pockets of rust in hard to reach areas remain unaffected. "Getting rid of rust is one of the first things we consider in any restoration project,” says Andy Birks; "But it is important to understand how to reach hidden areas of rust to prevent corrosion roblems.”

Professional restorers of classic cars make significant use of rust removal techniques and prevention technologies to provide the best possible start to any body restoration.

A deeper clean

SPL's process can effectively remove paint, grease, oil, underseal, filler, adhesives and the majority of all rust from panels, parts and complete body shells. By following SPL's guidelines, the immersive and gentle process can attack corrosion even in hidden areas, whilst also avoiding the issues associated with blasting . By carefully considering each shell in turn, SPL can help the restorer achieve the best possible results.

To get the best from immersion cleaning, you really need to understand the process,” declares Birks; "Immersion can reach areas such as the ‘u-shaped’ rear trim holder and if properly prepared, box sections where rust can harbour.”

Trusted, long lasting protection

"Our restoration projects aim to achieve a bodywork finish has the durability found in modern cars yet captures the appeal of the original Minis,” explains Birks. Derek’s sends the cleaned and repaired Mini bodyshells to SPL for an e-coat, a modern anti-corrosion process used by 97 percent of modern car makers.

"E-coating is an effective way to get corrosion protection deep into the hidden and difficult to reach areas of original Minis, making SPL’s immersion techniques a key part of our restoration process,” Birks adds; "It provides the protection that ensures our Minis stay looking great.”

A system to clean and protect

The SPL Chemical Immersion Cleaning process effectively removes paint, grease, oil, underseal, filler, anti-flutter, adhesives and the majority of all rust from panels, parts and complete bodyshells. With close to 3000 shells treated, it is widely accepted as the safe and trusted alternative to all types of media blasting. Once clean, SPL offers advanced corrosion protection in the form of electrophoretic coating (or e-coating) to prevent its return.

Mini Rot Spots

Original Minis were prone to rust. Corrosion on ‘A’ panels, front panels and boot floors is easy to spot, but rust on rear subframe mounts and inner sills is much harder to identify and more expensive to fix. Using SPL’s process ensures nearly all of rust is removed from the shell, providing the best basis for a restoration. Coupled with the firm's e-coating process, SPL ensures the best level of protection.

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